Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesday April 27 to Sunday 2nd May 2010
OPEN DAILY 18:30-00:30 (Sunday Until 22:30)

Art in Word & Practice -Fifty Word Festivals of Art Since 2008

Following on from last years three festivals at the Foundry :
The Cost of Art, The Value of Art, and the Meaning of Art
Explore, and Discover the Role of Art in Hoxton, London
The festival is free to participate in, and attend.

down Pitfield Street from Old Street, (red bookshop down from corner), 2nd right (tennis courts) and down the stairs into the basement of the red brick building.
The bar has the best wine of any theatre bar in london (Guardian)
Media Partner:

Participating Visual Artists:
Jill Rock, Jo Wonder, Jame Valitierra, Huw Owen-Jones, Michael Bucknell, Lady Winterburn, Vanessa Penfold, Oliver Dungey, NR Arton, Geraldine Ryan, Digaby Washer, Debbie Kent, Andy Morrice, Maryam Hashemi, Rosa Rey, Peter Eramian,Richard Niman, Paul Jacob Naylor, Trevor wood, Christopher Allen, Simon Quin, Rae Mearkle, Elisabete Nascimento, Matthiew Poulet, Sabine Kirste, Sarah Stevens, Tara Woolnough, Elaine c. Arkell. Carlo Zenone, Dawn Irving, Trevor Wood, N.J.Wiltshire, Tematrilia, Anna Krisikova, Sarah Stevens, Remlap, Manick Govinda, Digby Wahser, Peter Eramian, Kaelin E. Lee, Shoppinghour, Benjamin Varney, Nicole Pareilles, Tematrilia and a couple more .

For programme check HERE


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