Friday, February 24, 2006

BBC London Family History Day Sunday 12th February at the British Library

There was an opportunity for me to exhibit some my work,in an exhibition in British Library's main hall ,for the BBC's Family History Day on Sunday 12th February.

It was a big event and many talks and workshops were taking place and apparently all of their tickets were sold out.

About 12 artists were taking part in this exhibition and they all had family related works which many of them were photographic work. It was a very interesting exhibition and had a nice variety.

I displayed a nice collection of prints, which my Grandfather's ghost was the major work that I had actually finished for this event.I gathered the works that were related to my family , which in some cases I never imagined them to be, and discovered their relation just before the exhibition which amazed me very much and decided to include them .

They were all given titles and I came up with some description about them which might offend some of the family members , but I enjoyed the whole process and realised new things about some of my old paintings.

The only shame was that I couldn't be there during the whole event and there for couldn't get any feedback from the viewers


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