Saturday, February 24, 2007

Invocation Performance

Dyionisian Underground

Ghost Redux at Vertigo
2nd Feb 2007

Photo by Lili Spain
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Hooded Witches by the fire , black cats everywhere , horrifying ring master with colourful voodoo stick , beautiful mysterious singer with the voice of angel but an out fit of a witch, possessed looking musicians, an alter full of magick tool, scary clowns as loud as thunder,white faced crowed with astonished eyes , ghost hunt from people's pockets , presence of ancient Gods and goddesses, driven magicians,

wine soaked dead bread for sacrament
rush of creative blood in your veins

Great night which was made possible by the collaboration of brilliant musicians: Steve Moyes (Guitar), Stuart Fisher (electronics, environmental sounds), David Fowler (drums, percussion) and Evrah with her magical and stunning voice , and the beautiful and horrifying clowns whom were the most vital element of this strange mix : Sean and Koogie , the rebel clowns.

with the clowns beautiful energy and witty sense of humour and haunting music a stunning environment were created , a perfect cradle for our performance ritual.
The effect has been so powerful that many of the members of audience were very terrified , we found it very enjoyable and funny in places although our Ring Master was absolutely terrifying for many people. I didn't matter if you believed magick or not, you would have still been moved by it.
The confusion was continued by the excellent performance of Foolish People , the organiser of the event .It was great experience and great chance to be working side by side with FP.


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