Sunday, November 05, 2006

1 check-in baggage 20kg Ryanair

Cart Blanche mobile gallery by Lucia Cipriano
went to Rome to celebrate its 2nd year and for the inauguration of
Stu dio Ra Contemporary Art & the London Biennale 2004 - 2006 Exhibition
curated by Raffaella Losapio & Gruppo Sinestetico
Via Bartolomeo Platina, 1F 00179

Art works were traded in Rome
later were shown with Cart Blanche at:
'Draw_drawing_ 2' co-ordinated by Giacomo Picca, The Foundry
86 Great Eastern Street, London, EC 2A
July 4th - 9th
'Arcadia' curated by Jill Rock, The Stables Gallery
Orleans House, Twickenham Riverside, TW1 3DJ
July 13th - Sept 3rd
Participating Artists were:
Marisa Rueda, Pia Linz, David Madella, Ivan d'Evan, Jams,
Simon Bendi, Mali, Dolores Sanchez Calvo, Agnes Hay, Eva Lis,
Mabel Encinas, Jenny Brown, Marisol Calvia, Jo Roberts, TOPRAK,
Arvinder Bawa, Salih Kayra, AAA./Thomas Nicolai, Jill Rock, Marko,
Chantal Riekel, Elisabetta Fumagalli, Simon Longo, Marina Tsartsara
Cos Chapman, Calum F. Kerr, Ernesto Sarezale, Maryam Hashemi,
Emre Soykan, Gruppo Sinestetico, Katie Sollohub, Chris Burke,
Loli CardeĊ„oso, Camille Rodskjaer, Giacomo Picca, Philip Lee


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