Saturday, October 03, 2015

Golriz Hashemi 
Piano Recital 
Leighton House Museum
7th October 2015

Interview with Golriz Hashemi
October 2015 London 

When did you start playing the piano and why did you choose this instrument?

I used to go to ballet classes since I was seven and it was there that I fell in love with with the piano and entered music school since I was nine.

Who are your favourite composers and why?

I play pieces from Baroque to contemporary ,playing different styles is enjoyable for me and I think each composer has their own world and its a beautiful experience for me to connect to it.

How do you think music has affected your life? 

Classical music is part of me and I grew up with it ,I'm grateful that I had the chance to explore this amazing art form dipper.

What is the most exciting about teaching and what would be your advice for people that want to learn piano?

Teaching piano is very enjoyable for me as I can introduce my students to a beautiful world and I believe in order to be successful apart from having a musical talent the student must also work hard consistently.

Tell us about your photography work and what inspired you to start working with photos.

I always see beautiful and colourful images when play and in recent years I decided to capture these images and managed to come up with a photographic technique and procedure that I could finally portray my colourful visual experiences.

What made you decide on using Leighton House Museum for your recital this year?

When I saw Leighton House Museum for the first time I fell in love with its beautiful and unique atmosphere and when I realised that the space is also used for concerts I decided to have a recital there.

What are you hoping for your audience to experience ?

I hope that my audience would be able to enjoy the pieces like I do.