Monday, March 05, 2007

Pink Fish Ensemble 's
Paint therapy, Foundry 27th Feb

Photo by Alex Guri

Pink fish Ensemble performance was part of the live art events that were organised by Steve Moyes which was part of the monthly live art events which takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at the Foundry.
It was an unforgettable evening for all of us and we had a beautiful exchange of energy with each other and the brilliant musicians:
Alison Blunt (violin),Ivor Kallin (viola),Sandy Kindness (clarinets, saxophones),Steve Moyes (cello,flute).

During this performance FPE created a surgery atmosphere by placing one of the member on the operation table while the other members were performing operation like painting on her .The atmosphere was changed into a living space after the brake ,the painted patient were moving around while the other member kept painting her .

Part of the PFE performance was live poetry which was written and performed live on the spot by David Blank.

here is that powerful poem:

Noodles... Rancid flesh of Pig
Lilith calls to me
Cheese Doritos
Paint Surgery

Jezebel found herself walking...
The Cellar

Since she was a child Jezebel
had had a fascination and fear both
of that dark hole

She wiped her brow
Sweat dripped into the

Red/Blood wept from
her womb

The Angles sing of the

She was wretched and wrenched thus from the stair
span... falling

[nb: the star fell from heaven to earth]


She awoke to find Self

On an operating table

Anaesthetized by the Fat

Gorged on the Fat

Flies feeding on her flesh


She lost consciousness then


The Green sprouted from
her flesh...

The vine wrapped caress


Mobile phone sings...
The Devil calls


Surgeons frantic now daub
the brown...

The Earth...

The North...

The Black Dog Slavering
in the between


Jezebel lay on her side

Not moving.

A pink ribbon in her hair

A child magickal in her womb




The Eucharist


Jezebel sat up...

The surgeons wove yellow
to purple...

The essence of her
be-coming and that of her



The child stirred in her


Jezebel raised her head to the stars..
to the Great Mother of Heaven.. Nyx

Jezebel The Wing'ed Serpent
raised her head to kiss
The Dove


Spread her legs wide


The surgeons brought forth
the child....

The Black Dog bared its'
teeth and smiled


{All the while the worm lady upstairs
cast a circle of worms}




Jezebel stood in all her glory,
wearing the skin of her child

The Black dog bared its teeth
and smiled

The Black dog bared its teeth
and smiled


[The surgeons continued their work...]


[and thus it was doneā€¦ and the poet spake thus..]

Jezebel, the whore, in all her glory....
wearing the skin of her child.

The Black Dog nuzzled close
to her...

[the poet nuzzled close to her as he spoke these final words, whispering them unto her.]


We received great feedback also some reviews, her is the link the review by Magick Eye:



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