Sunday, March 16, 2008

Extremely Popular and Successful Event !

On 31st of Jan 2008 , Rumi Poetry night was taken place in National Portrait Gallery .This was a joint event by Abbaz Fiaz (member of The Persian Thursday Group), Poet In The City and National Portrait Gallery.

We had a list of almost 300 people that were keen to attend the event when the space capacity was only 160 ,therefore another event was organized on 6th of March so that we could place the rest of the audience for that night .
It was a nightmare as we had to turn away many of our audience and promise to place them for the second event, of course we had exactly the same problem for the second event ,but everything went smooth at the end.
The poems were interpreted to English by Sir Robert Maxwell with help of Abbaz Faiz , the translation was unbelievably beautiful and the absolute Rumi spirit within the words could be felt easily.
Abbas Faiz, whom had done the selection of poems, was the speaker of the night . He gave a brief intro to Rumi's life and poetry and pointed out interesting facts about Rumi's importance and popularity in today's Iranian's society.
Here is the list of Farsi readers on the first night 31st Jan:-----------------------------------------

Bahman Forsi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mehri Kashani -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maryam Hashemi --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

and the English readers :

Sir Robert Maxwell -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maryam Hashemi --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Abul Foroushan

After the readings ,the audience had the bounce of enjoying the performance of Parvin Cox and two other musicians which gave the night a beautiful finishing touch.
On the second event, 6th March , we were repeating the same program with slight changes, this time we had Lobat Vala with us in our Farsi reading group which a great treat also Esmat Faiz and Dunken Fisher joined our English reading group.


Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Dear Ms Hashemi

I can' see an email link on your blog so am resorting to comment.

I would very much like to make contact with Lobat Vala. We were friends in Australia, where she lived briefly after leaving Iran, then we lost touch. She once kindly told me she thought I could be a great poet, and I'd dearly like to send her a copy of my 'new and selected poems' all these decades later, because I think it would give her pleasure.

If you know how to contact her, could you please ask her if that would be acceptable? You can find an email link on my blog. (My name was just Rosemary Nissen when she knew me.)

Many thanks!

2:50 AM  
Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oops, I meant of course 'can't see'.

2:51 AM  
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