Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Healing Portrait Workshop
Saturday 28th November

Discover the healing power of art in our healing portrait workshop.

Combine your creative gifts and energy work for a powerful healing experience.
Participation: £20
Duration: 12 PM - 2 PM
Address: Latvian House 72 Queensborough Terrace W2 3SH

This breakthrough healing workshop will allow you to develop your drawing skills while accessing your intuition through energy work.

We express our inner selves through art and are able to tap in our deep essence and bring transformation through drawing and creating art.

Energy work is a powerful way to send healing through your hands and help yourself and others to enjoy a balanced and loving state of being.
Today the artist Maryam Hashemi known for her magical and unique work will share her knowledge and perspective on creating portraits. Maria Zhuravleva, the energy healer and the past life regressionist, will show the practical benefits of energy work combined with art.
Together in this cutting edge workshop they will help you to uncover amazing abilities and believe in your creative healing power in a loving and joyful setting.

- Develop your portrait drawing skills
- Open your creative flow
- Strengthen your Intuitive abilities
- Learn energy healing techniques
- Experience the power of art and healing combined
- Balance your mind, body and spirit
- Have a fun and joyful time!

No experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to connect to your creative powers. All materials, tea and soft drinks will be provided.
Maryam and Maria are looking forward to sharing this beautiful experience together!

Buy your tickets here:!healing-portraits-workshop/ug722


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