Thursday, March 16, 2006

50/50 FEMININE IMAGE (March 8th 2006)
What is
to be a woman today?

On the 8th of March the national women's day I had the chance to be
part of an amazing group of of female artists in a workshop to create an installation that was organised by StoneCrabs.

The workshop leader was the magical Tereza Araujo, she was using the Augusto Boal's theatre techniques.As we were all unfamiliar with each other it helped us to be connected and made us ready to work on the installation as a group.
In this full day workshop we worked together so well that it could only be some kind of magic.We had a great fun doing all kind of theatrical activities which we learn to support and understand one another and did all kind of fun games.

Our installation showed the image of the woman today.
we used different object available also our texts and audio about women's image.
We made the entrance to the installation through a cloths rail ,a perfect entrance as it suggested entering into another world, you could See different elements of domestic image including an ironing board with an electric saw instead of the iron on the top showing the other image of women as well as house wives .
In the main part of our installation a mirror stood in the middle where the texts on the wall and our audio sound combined , reflecting our perception of the modern female image .