Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eastern Echoes

November 2006

Bhavan Centre

We had a great opening night on 2nd November ,the show looked great although Aqeela unfortunately couldn't send her work and it was only me and Saima

Last week the Vice President of India , Mr Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat , visited the centre which was a great surprise.
the exhibition runs until 25th November.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Desire No Shackles
October Artist Month Chicago 2006

"An exhibition of paintings by Maryam Hashemi and Marcia Middleton Kaplan and photographs by Amir Normandi opened from October 7th in D'last Studios.

They presented their work about women of traditions .The exhibition were combined with Imagin No borders exhibition on the following week, October 14th .

It was an exhibition of paintings by Diane Carriere ,photographs by Rosy Torres and photographs by Tim Arroyo."

For more information about the artists please Shackle Here

for the preview of our show we were part of Halsted Open Studios which lasted for 3 days. about 55 studios were taking part and a huge number of visitors were attracted.
In our main show in D'last studios we were again part of 18th street Open Studios weekend which about 33 studios were taking part and again was a great chance to increase the numbers of visitors. on the whole I had a great experience and met a lot of interesting people and made new good friends. I'll be back!!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

PIQUE NIQUE by Cart Blanche

Cart Blanche is a ‘white cube’ on wheels or box-for-things-to-happen-in (or out of) and was launched by Lucia Cipriano, It has since shown works in various locations, street corners, and festivals such as F-EST in East London, and London Biennale 2006 events including Stu dio Ra Contemporary Art, in Rome. Her work takes parallel expression in art spaces as well as unofficial public and private places.

Cart Blanche had a show called PIQUE NIQUE in Cumria. Over 4 days, people were invited to contribute to a common gathering and roving feast.

we were the PIQUE NIQUE's participants:

Alan Liddiard, Gayle Chong Kwan, Daniel Lehan, Deej Fabyc, Maryam Hashemi, Sharon Gal, Ernesto Sarezale, Dee Honeybun, Pilar Villela, Calum F. Kerr, and others joining along the way.

for this exhibition I did another one of the Spicy paintings also some more edible artwork!
which I shall add the pictures later.

check Lucia's website and see the pictures of this amazing wheeled cube.

Spicy Painting Performance

25th July
The Foundry
An interact with live improvised music by:

Stuart Fisher (electronics,environmental sounds)
Andy Knight (pocket cornet)
Steve Moyes (electric guitar, cello, xaphoon)

and John Gibbens - live writing

Members of the audience were particularly welcomed to do their own sketching, writing etc while watching and listening our performance.
The most exiting experience ,very difficult to repeat.

I had a great fun with haunting music and beautiful words and lovely audince.I had my whole kitchen as my painting material:
beetroot, turmeric, chili powder, spring onion, salt, tea, hot chocolate, red cabbage, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, coal,golgavzaboon(persian herbal tea), burnt nuts, bear.beetroot, turmeric, chili powder, spring onion, salt, tea, hot chocolate, red cabbage, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, coal,golgavzaboon, burnt nuts, bear.

Evrah and Steven Moyes do the same performance with different artists on every last Tuesday of everymonth at the same place :The Foundry.

you can check their website here:

Over 100 artists from all over the world had responded to the call ARCADIA to join in the celebrations curated by Jill Rock ,the season were divided into 3 shows:

IN ARCADIA: July 13th - July 30th

ITALIAN ARCADIAN: August 1st - August 13th

EXILE & MIGRATION: August 15th - September 3rd

I participated in the first show : IN ARCADIA
and here is my Pan , one of the images I displayed , It was such a beautiful exhibition and brought some of my creatures to life.
click on the image to see the actual website.

1 check-in baggage 20kg Ryanair

Cart Blanche mobile gallery by Lucia Cipriano
went to Rome to celebrate its 2nd year and for the inauguration of
Stu dio Ra Contemporary Art & the London Biennale 2004 - 2006 Exhibition
curated by Raffaella Losapio & Gruppo Sinestetico
Via Bartolomeo Platina, 1F 00179

Art works were traded in Rome
later were shown with Cart Blanche at:
'Draw_drawing_ 2' co-ordinated by Giacomo Picca, The Foundry
86 Great Eastern Street, London, EC 2A
July 4th - 9th
'Arcadia' curated by Jill Rock, The Stables Gallery
Orleans House, Twickenham Riverside, TW1 3DJ
July 13th - Sept 3rd
Participating Artists were:
Marisa Rueda, Pia Linz, David Madella, Ivan d'Evan, Jams,
Simon Bendi, Mali, Dolores Sanchez Calvo, Agnes Hay, Eva Lis,
Mabel Encinas, Jenny Brown, Marisol Calvia, Jo Roberts, TOPRAK,
Arvinder Bawa, Salih Kayra, AAA./Thomas Nicolai, Jill Rock, Marko,
Chantal Riekel, Elisabetta Fumagalli, Simon Longo, Marina Tsartsara
Cos Chapman, Calum F. Kerr, Ernesto Sarezale, Maryam Hashemi,
Emre Soykan, Gruppo Sinestetico, Katie Sollohub, Chris Burke,
Loli Cardeńoso, Camille Rodskjaer, Giacomo Picca, Philip Lee