Thursday, May 31, 2007

Destination Peckham
Area 10
21st,22nd,23rd June 2007
Fund raising event for
Resonance FM
Artery Arts Projects

with performance, music, art installation and poetry
part of the Camberwell Festival
Over 60 artist from around the world participated in this 3 night event
Participating artists were:

Artery Arts Projects, Antony Elliot, Alex Guri, Alvaro Henao, Andrea Meneses,Alisdair McGregor, Alua Nascimento, Abbi Torrance, Alexandra Zierle, Bill Allen, Brede Korsmo,Buffy Sharpe, Charlie Fox, Claudia Larcher, Counterproductions, Chikukuango Cuximazwa, Caroline Kraabel, Cecillie Nusselein Gravesen and Fritz Stolberg, Edgar de Oliveria,Emanuele Zumella and other guest artists, Gilberto Da Silva, Gavin Henry, (H)Appy Logies, Harald Smykla, Insecurity Guards, Janine Lai, Jill Rock and Richard Cardew,Kollaborators, Karen Damico, Kir Morrison and Peter Shipman,Katsunobu Yaguchi, Lee Barlow,Lisa Bradley, Lilli Hartmann,Marta Angelozzi, Maryam Ashrafi, Monica de Miranda, Mirka Flander and Jari Haanperä,Maryam Hashemi, Maria Keirah, Monday Love Film Room,Maia Sambonet,Olivia-Jane Ransley,Psychological Art Circus, Pim Conradi, Pink Fish Ensemble, Paula Roush, Rachael House, Robert McNeill, Rozzie Taylor, Sarah Enderby,Sunshine Frere and Jenny Pickett, Shabnam Shabazi, Shervin Shaeri, Sjaac van der Bent,Tim Jeeves, Transnational Performance Militia, Teresa Paiva, The Travellers, Veronica Cordeiro,
Music from:
Adma Newport, Adriano Silva Pinto, BIDAD, Drea Parks, Luminescent Orchestrii, Rhythms Of Resistance Samba band and DJ Chico , Sofia Buchuck, Polaris, Sir Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club, Steve Moyes with (Evrah , Sandy Kindness and Chris Leeds), The Temperatures,Yousuf Mahmoud's Afghani Band, DJ Buster, DJ’s Dime and the 2012 Show DJ Crew from Resonance FM.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Speaker’s Corner
by Shabnam Shabazi (aka Shabz)
A work in progress

4 May2007
Toynbee Studios


''Mixing the real with the virtual. Personal objects. Found objects. Built environments, found environments. No Single Space. No beginning, middle or end. A compositional collage of memory. An Intergenerational voyage for the artist retracing her steps, excavating her maternal history in her Mother & Grand Mother being speakers @ Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, London from 1979-1989 after being exiled as political refugees from Iran during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 when she was 9. ''

it was such a great project, I had a chance to be involved and work with Shabnam , truly sunning and inspiring experience.
pictures and updates will come soon.

Story of
The Greatest Persian Women
Of All time

Oval House Theatre
Thursday 19th April 2007,
1-2 pm

This presentation was part of Oval House Theatre's ongoing series of works-in-progress that creates the space for artists to experiment and discover, and gives you the audience a chance to be part of their creative processes.

''Tahereh Ghoratolane, Forough Farrokhzad & Shahrnush Parsipur
are three of the most famous women in the history of literature of Iran, each controversial and courageous in her own way.This project was reflecting part of their life and literature''

work-in-progress presentation by:

Soheila Ghodstinat
Parvaneh Soltani
Golkou Parhizgar
Maryam Hashemi

directed by
Parvaneh Soltani

Photos by Maryam Ashrafi