Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Healing Portrait Workshop
Saturday 28th November

Discover the healing power of art in our healing portrait workshop.

Combine your creative gifts and energy work for a powerful healing experience.
Participation: £20
Duration: 12 PM - 2 PM
Address: Latvian House 72 Queensborough Terrace W2 3SH

This breakthrough healing workshop will allow you to develop your drawing skills while accessing your intuition through energy work.

We express our inner selves through art and are able to tap in our deep essence and bring transformation through drawing and creating art.

Energy work is a powerful way to send healing through your hands and help yourself and others to enjoy a balanced and loving state of being.
Today the artist Maryam Hashemi known for her magical and unique work will share her knowledge and perspective on creating portraits. Maria Zhuravleva, the energy healer and the past life regressionist, will show the practical benefits of energy work combined with art.
Together in this cutting edge workshop they will help you to uncover amazing abilities and believe in your creative healing power in a loving and joyful setting.

- Develop your portrait drawing skills
- Open your creative flow
- Strengthen your Intuitive abilities
- Learn energy healing techniques
- Experience the power of art and healing combined
- Balance your mind, body and spirit
- Have a fun and joyful time!

No experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to connect to your creative powers. All materials, tea and soft drinks will be provided.
Maryam and Maria are looking forward to sharing this beautiful experience together!

Buy your tickets here:!healing-portraits-workshop/ug722

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Golriz Hashemi 
Piano Recital 
Leighton House Museum
7th October 2015

Interview with Golriz Hashemi
October 2015 London 

When did you start playing the piano and why did you choose this instrument?

I used to go to ballet classes since I was seven and it was there that I fell in love with with the piano and entered music school since I was nine.

Who are your favourite composers and why?

I play pieces from Baroque to contemporary ,playing different styles is enjoyable for me and I think each composer has their own world and its a beautiful experience for me to connect to it.

How do you think music has affected your life? 

Classical music is part of me and I grew up with it ,I'm grateful that I had the chance to explore this amazing art form dipper.

What is the most exciting about teaching and what would be your advice for people that want to learn piano?

Teaching piano is very enjoyable for me as I can introduce my students to a beautiful world and I believe in order to be successful apart from having a musical talent the student must also work hard consistently.

Tell us about your photography work and what inspired you to start working with photos.

I always see beautiful and colourful images when play and in recent years I decided to capture these images and managed to come up with a photographic technique and procedure that I could finally portray my colourful visual experiences.

What made you decide on using Leighton House Museum for your recital this year?

When I saw Leighton House Museum for the first time I fell in love with its beautiful and unique atmosphere and when I realised that the space is also used for concerts I decided to have a recital there.

What are you hoping for your audience to experience ?

I hope that my audience would be able to enjoy the pieces like I do.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

سوسن فرخ نیا و برگزاری سومین جشنواره بین المللی تئاتر ایرانی –لندن

چهار شنبه ۱۸ شهريور ۱۳۹۴ - ۰۹ سپتامبر ۲۰۱۵

عفت ماهباز


سومین جشنواره بین المللی تئاتر ایرانی –انگلیسی لندن، امروز هشتم سپامبر در تئاتر آرتز دپولندن، شروع به کار کرد. این جشنواره به مدت پنج روز ادامه خواهد داشت.امسال سومین سالی است که این جشنواره به همت و مدیریت سوسن فرخ نیا برگزار می گردد .

قبل از افتتاح جشنواره، هادی خرستدی شاعر و طنزپرداز ایرانی به صحنه امد، از مرگ نابهنگام ناصر یوسفی بازیگر و کارگردانِ تئاتر و کوشندۀ فرهنگی سخن گفت و یاد او را گرامی داشت و از حاضران خواست به یاد او چند ثانیه دست بزنند ناصر یوسفی در روزِ سه شنبه ۲۵ اوت، در استکهلمِ سوئد از دنیا رفت. 
سپس خانم سوسن فرخ نیا به صحنه امد و سومین جشنواره تئاتر ایرانی – لندن را افتتاح نمود او ضمن خوش آمد به حاضران از تلاش همکاران خود در برپایی و برگزاری این چشنواره تشکر کرد. او همچنین تاکید کرد که بدون تلاش "هنر آموزان تئاتر سام" جشنواره نمی توانست پا گیرد.

حمید دانشور، «عوارض دیر رس انقلاب»، بخشی از مجموعه حکایت های شاد ایرج پزشکزاد در کتاب رستم صولتان را روخوانی نمود. او با تغییر صدا در نقش افراد مختلف این خوانش را به نحو هنرمندانه ای به اجرا گذاشت.

در بخش دیگر افتتاحیه جشنواره شهریار شاهی خواننده موسیقی پاپ و کلاسیک با صدای زیبایش به هنرنمایی پرداخت.

در بخش پایانی شب افتتاحیه یک نمایش کمدی به کارگردانی منوچهر نامورحقیقی، به اجرا در آمد. نمایش با زبان طنز حوادث را پیش روی
 تماشاگران گذاشت و خنده بر لب هایشان نشاند.

در این ۵ روز جشنواره بین المللی تئاتر ایرانی – لندن، در کنار اجرای نمایش های مختلف از سراسر دنیا، نمایشگاه نقاشی مریم هاشمی هم خواهد درخشید. هر تابلوی مریم خود نمایشی است از رنگ ها و طنزها که انسان به دیدن ان راغب می شود..

عفت ماهباز ، لندن هشتم سپتامبر ۲۰۱۵

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Edinburgh Iranian Festival 2015

Edinburgh Iranian Festival                                   "highlights,links & clips!"

February was quite a month .So much happened that it feels like a long time ago.The highlight was " The Edinburgh Iranian Festival" , my short video"Transformationwas selected for the group show "Perception" at The Summerhallit was such an honor to be part of it.
Click here to see the exhibition's catalog.
I have tried to squeeze in a lot of details ,make sure that you click on the highlighted words to check the links and clips to find out more .

  (Photo by Dr Laurent Galbrun)
I managed to make it to the opening ceremony and the exhibition opening night.It was a flying visit but so lovely to visit the beautiful Edinburgh and the wonderful people that make their city shine so bright. The opening ceremony at the iconic St John's was truly packed and sold out.
My favorite part of the night was when the "Arezoo" Symphony Orchestra conducted by " Amin Keshmiri" played Majid Entezami's "Az Karkhe Ta Rhine" which he had to arrange himself for the orchestra as he didn't have any score for it .It took me back to my school days. I had forgotten how much I liked that piece.
Click Here for his website and more details about his work and" Arezoo"symphony orchestra .
(Watch the monoto+ clips below) 




Sara Kheradmand the director of Edinburgh Iranian Festival on the right who started the festival from 2009 is introducing the hardworking trustees and volunteers that made this year's festival happen.This was the 4th year and it has been growing every time.The festival was partly funded by different organisations such as "British Council "and "Iran Heritage " ,sponsored by many local businesses and also crowd funded.This selfless support of Iranian and none Iranian residents of Edinburgh has created a growing enthusiasm for Iranian art and culture .With series of diverse events during the festival there was so much to choose from.This success is hopefully inspiring other Iranian communities to bring people together by introducing different aspects of the rich Iranian culture .


 The opening night of "Perception"exhibition was truly memorable , one of the      
   world's number one experts on Middle Eastern art Janet Rady who was also   
   one of the judges of the show gave a speeches about the selection process and 
  her views on Iranian contemporary art and how she finds the photographic works    
  from Iran very moving.The other judges that sadly couldn't attend the festival are 


During the show I found my male version Mohammad Ghorbankarimihis film " Desert Fish " which is a true family production ,edited by his lovely and amazing sister Maryam Ghorbankarimi, translation by his other multi skilled sister Mahsa Ghorbankarimi and art direction by his talented wife Nasim Azadi ,was being shown in festival at Filmhouse the day after while I was on the way back to London it was a shame to miss it.This photo was encouraged by Janet Rady and taken by Nasim Azadi.(watch his interview in the clip above right)







Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Intuitive Drawing Workshop

January 11 2015 London       

Booking now

Intuitive Drawing Workshop

Would you like to develop your creative potential and artistic abilities?

Entry: £15 
Duration: 4 PM - 6 PM
Address: Lativan House, first floor, 72 Queensborough Terrace W2 3SH

A workshop with the artist Maryam Hashemi and the spiritual speaker Maria Zhuravleva to unlock the creative power in a dynamic and hands on session.

Many people have always wanted to draw but believe that artistic ability is something you are born with.
We are here to transform that belief and free your inner creator. Ceation is our innate ability and the underlying essence 
of our everyday existence.

This practical workshop will reveal a series of techniques which will help you to create art freely and joyfully. A series of individual and group exercises will build your confidence and your imagination. We will start with a guided meditation by Maria to connect to the heart and third eye to free the flow and inspire image creation. It's going to be fun and playful!

A special bonus as a taster of Sensing Energy on Art will be introduced at the workshop to help you connect deeper to your intuitive side.

The materials and tea will be provided for the workshop.

To book visit :!intuitive-drawing-/c10yj

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Open studios at Mother Studios Nov 21- 23

Open studios at Mother studio Nov 21st- 23rd

Friday, September 05, 2014